Case Study


During the first six years of our partnership, we helped establish ClearFlow as the industry leader in Active Clearance Technology with the “Flow Better” campaign. However, as their product portfolio evolved beyond catheters, ClearFlow needed a new campaign that reflected their diversification and their larger value proposition.


We started by developing a broader campaign, “Advancing Healing”, that elevates the brand and moves it beyond just features and benefits. We then expressed this through a new, insights-driven campaign, “Recovery Is Beautiful”, featuring cardiac surgery patients showing off their most beautiful possession: their surgical scars. The mark of a procedure that gave them their lives back. For many, made possible in part by ClearFlow.

Brand Campaign Ideas

Final Brand Campaign

Brand Visual Identity

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Bloom was instrumental in building our brand with exceptional clarity, form, and a strong emotional message.
Paul Molloy, CEO at ClearFlow
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