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We have honed our craft by working on a wide assortment of both healthcare and consumer brands. The result: marketing solutions that are fresh, engaging and surprising. See for yourself.

Case Studies

ClearFlow - Healthcare Brand Launch Case Study

A venture-funded medical device startup successfully launches its new cardiothoracic surgery product and sees its growth accelerate exponentially.

VPS G4 - Healthcare Product Launch Case Study

A major multinational medical device company hits the mark by successfully launching its next-generation vascular positioning technology.

ARROW - Healthcare Rebranding Case Study

Our 360 degree campaign helped this NYSE-listed big cap medical device firm revive one of its major brands and regain category leadership position.

Vasonova - Healthcare Startup Case Study

Our trade show campaign helped a Silicon Valley medical device startup generate extraordinary booth traffic and raise a new round of financing.

Brand Campaigns

Infraredx's Frontiers marketing campaign
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