Case Study


With a history of over 35 years, the ARROW brand was well known to vascular access specialists. However, following its acquisition in 2007 by Teleflex, the brand had lost ground to a chief competitor. We were tasked with rebranding ARROW and restoring its image and position of leadership.


After extensive research, we unearthed a simple insight: ARROW never settles – just like the clinicians who use its products. We brought this to life by creating a branding campaign that celebrates real-life clinicians known for going well beyond the call. Print ads and films showcased their remarkable achievements while reminding our brand audience that ARROW embodies the same spirit to never settle.

Campaign Posters

The Idea

For decades, ARROW has powered vascular access specialists by providing them with ground-breaking vascular products. We believed that it was time to take this support to the next level and create a campaign that celebrates these clinicians as more than just doctors and nurses, but as heroes who never settle, just like ARROW.

Tom’s Story

After a motorcycle accident Tom received amazing care from his doctors and nurses which inspired this young carpenter to change careers. Today, Tom is a Director of Vascular Services, leading the charge, mentoring young team members, and working tirelessly to make sure every line is placed correctly. It’s clinicians like Tom that inspire us to never stop forging ahead.

The Impact

The campaign led to the remarkable comeback of the ARROW brand. Following the launch of “ARROW Never Settle” the brand enjoyed a reversal of a two-year decline in average sales price, a sustained increase in new account closures and higher rates of account retention. The campaign was also a catalyst internally and inspired employees to embrace the “Never Settle” spirit.

Campaign Collateral

Your team showed remarkable creativity in crafting a truly exceptional brand campaign for ARROW. The new ads are stunning and electrifying and give an emotional voice to the spirit of our brand.
Kathy Conner, VP Global Marketing, Teleflex

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