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When you think of direct-to-consumer healthcare marketing, “med tech” may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

Instead, we’re likely to think of pharmaceutical companies, and with good reason. Big pharma has built a reputation for bombarding traditional and digital media with their high-priced ad campaigns that communicate directly with the people who might use their medication.

But a transformation is occurring. Although med tech might be a few decades behind pharmaceuticals when it comes to communicating directly with patients, they’re doing their best to catch up – with major brands like Boston Scientific and Insulet investing a lot of money to prove it. Dexcom, which produces continuous glucose-monitoring systems, last year spent millions of dollars on a 30-second Super Bowl ad featuring singer Nick Jonas.

This trend has some med tech brands reconsidering how to best reach their audiences. How does a direct-to-consumer approach fit in an increasingly consumerized healthcare space? And what does it mean for your brand moving forward?

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In the fast-paced world of medical technology, Intuitive Surgical has become a household name. This Sunnyvale, California-based company has etched an impressive track record for innovation with its ever-expanding line of robot-assisted surgical systems and accessories.

Intuitive’s vision? Use technology to help providers standardize minimally invasive surgeries while improving clinical outcomes for their patients.

Robotic technologies are evolving at a dizzying pace. Take a look at all the features on one of Intuitive’s products (like their flagship da Vinci Surgical System line), and you might wonder if you accidentally stepped onto the set of a science fiction movie.

As impressive as all the technological innovations are, pressure remains on Intuitive to stay on top of this competitive med-tech space. How do they do it?

A lot of it comes down to marketing…

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There’s no denying it: relationships between patients and healthcare providers just aren’t like they used to be.

Consider your last interaction with a provider. Did you find yourself doing your own research online before an appointment? Maybe you took advantage of some nifty new tech features – like scheduling or telemedicine via a mobile app – to make the experience more convenient.

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In just over 60 years, Edwards Lifesciences has become a household name in the medical device industry. What started as one engineer’s vision – to help people with heart disease – has grown into a thriving company with thousands of employees across the globe.

How did they do it?

And more importantly: how do they keep doing it, despite all the rapid changes in healthcare today?

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Medical Device Marketing Tips for 2021

Doctors and nurses are busy people. Even before COVID-19, back when you could chase them down the hall or catch them in an elevator, it was hard to get their attention. Now that we’re all virtual the challenge is even bigger. But you can’t let that stop you. It’s time to get creative.

Good salespeople solve problems

It’s never been harder to work in a hospital. So many processes and systems were reinvented in days or weeks. And many hospitals are facing major staffing shortages. Doctors and nurses are exhausted.

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Build Trust in Online Communities. A Healthcare Marketing Strategy.

The internet has enabled us to find like-minded people, no matter how obscure our interests. The same goes for the very people you’re marketing to in healthcare.

Patients and physicians, administrators, and insurers organize themselves into communities where they can share, engage, and interact. If you can create one of these communities with your marketing, you can attract the right people and earn their trust. It might take a change in strategy.

Here’s why it’s worth it–and what you can do to get started today.

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