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More people than ever are researching health issues–and making buying decisions based on that research–online. This goes for typical hospital patients, to medical professionals and sophisticated corporate clients.

Savvy healthcare marketers have recognized the need to adapt their approach. But, as more of them go digital in response to customer demands, many overlook a key element: landing pages.

What are landing pages? Why do they matter? And most importantly, how can you make them work for you?

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Digital tools have the potential to transform your healthcare marketing. But making them a key part of your strategy can seem easier said than done. Everything seems so new, and constantly changing.

Paying attention to the organizations who are already use digital tools well can save you months (or even years) of frustration and mistakes. The sooner you navigate the digital “learning curve,” the sooner you can unleash your marketing’s fullest potential!

Of everyone marketing healthcare online, Northwestern Medicine is one of the very best. Let’s break down what they’re doing that makes their digital presence so special.

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With an army of medical professionals and a network of facilities that span the country, it’s no surprise that US News & World Report ranks the MD Anderson Center the best cancer care center in the United States.

All of that’s impressive, sure…

But the most impressive part?

The way they handle online marketing.

It’s great to see a large organization such as MD Anderson put human connection at the center of their marketing strategy.

How do they do it? What key takeaways can you bring back to your own business?

Keep reading to find out!

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The South by Southwest (SXSW) festival – where the tech, music, and film worlds collide – just celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. It’s the perfect place for marketers to network and “beta test” new strategies… foreshadowing how brand and consumer interactions will change. 

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As marketers, we all aspire to have a brand that leaves a mark on our audience – one that lingers in the subconscious and imagination of our customers, one that ultimately inspires them to take action.

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Will it work?

Can it get approved?

Who will buy it once it’s approved?

These were some of the key questions covered during the Research Session of the second annual Orange County Ophthalmology Technology Summit (OCOTS) hosted by OCTANe. These are indeed some of the most essential questions to consider when preparing to bring any new product to the world. Investors are rightly concerned about functionality, cost-effectiveness, useful applications and the demanding FDA approval process. It’s no surprise that early stage start-ups spend much of their resources perfecting the product.

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