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In just over 60 years, Edwards Lifesciences has become a household name in the medical device industry. What started as one engineer’s vision – to help people with heart disease – has grown into a thriving company with thousands of employees across the globe.

How did they do it?

And more importantly: how do they keep doing it, despite all the rapid changes in healthcare today?

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Medical Device Marketing Tips for 2021

Doctors and nurses are busy people. Even before COVID-19, back when you could chase them down the hall or catch them in an elevator, it was hard to get their attention. Now that we’re all virtual the challenge is even bigger. But you can’t let that stop you. It’s time to get creative.

Good salespeople solve problems

It’s never been harder to work in a hospital. So many processes and systems were reinvented in days or weeks. And many hospitals are facing major staffing shortages. Doctors and nurses are exhausted.

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When you think of medical device marketing, what do you see?

Glossy brochures. Nondescript trade show booths. Stock photography.

This has become the standard way of doing things. But as medical device technology evolves and people play a more active role in researching treatment options, what makes marketing effective has changed.

You have an incredible opportunity here. While other medical device manufacturers stick to the same old strategies and wonder why they aren’t working like they used to, you can attract an audience, build meaningful relationships, and guide them on the path toward better health.

Let’s talk about how!

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To succeed, marketing messages must resonate with those making buying decisions. This is a fundamental truth and achieving this will maximize ROI on your marketing investment and sales. Unfortunately, some healthcare marketers are overlooking it.

The past few years have thrust patients into the spotlight. As they take more control of their health, many are disappointed when healthcare information designed for patients neglect their needs.

Healthcare brands that recognize patients as equal partners in the quest for favorable health outcomes, and provide them the resources they need to make sound decisions, will stand out moving forward.

How can brands do it better?

Where do they go wrong?

Keep reading to find out.

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We’ve all seen the TV commercials. The sun is shining. The actors are outside enjoying it, smiling, gardening, maybe going on a family bike ride or spending time with the dog. Someone mentions how depressed they used to be…until he or she started taking the pill being advertised.

These incredibly positive healthcare commercials–with joyful scenes, uplifting music, and promises of a better life–have become so common that they’re being parodied on shows like Saturday Night Live.

What started in pharmaceuticals has made its way to hospitals and clinics as well. It’s completely understandable why we want to connect with people on that level. An upbeat message is inspirational.

But is it always the best approach for your marketing? Is it ever possible to go too far with the positivity–to the point it creates unrealistic expectations and patronizes patients with serious health conditions?

Let’s talk about why it’s not always beneficial view the world through rose-colored glasses.

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Healthcare is nothing if not constantly changing.

Incredible technological innovations are revolutionizing the way we prevent, diagnose, and treat illnesses. Wearable devices are empowering us to take control of our wellness like never before. Tools like mobile apps and social media platforms are changing how patients and brands connect.

How will healthcare marketers respond to these upheavals in 2018?

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