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In the fast-paced world of medical technology, Intuitive Surgical has become a household name. This Sunnyvale, California-based company has etched an impressive track record for innovation with its ever-expanding line of robot-assisted surgical systems and accessories.

Intuitive’s vision? Use technology to help providers standardize minimally invasive surgeries while improving clinical outcomes for their patients.

Robotic technologies are evolving at a dizzying pace. Take a look at all the features on one of Intuitive’s products (like their flagship da Vinci Surgical System line), and you might wonder if you accidentally stepped onto the set of a science fiction movie.

As impressive as all the technological innovations are, pressure remains on Intuitive to stay on top of this competitive med-tech space. How do they do it?

A lot of it comes down to marketing…

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Mobile devices give us the power to text friends, check the stock market, and schedule a ride across town – sometimes all at once!

This technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and engage with the world, and the same goes for healthcare marketing and communications. Marketers who embrace this fact put themselves in the best position to develop meaningful relationships with their audiences – whether they’re healthcare professionals, everyday people, or a combination of the two.

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Many healthcare marketers are focused on appealing to millennials. Yet there’s an equally important, and often overlooked demographic: senior citizens.

Increased life expectancy, along with the massive number of baby boomers sliding into the senior demographic, will make this a crucial demographic for many years. The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that, by 2030, Americans over 65 will account for over 20 percent of the total population. That’s almost double the amount than in the year 2000!

Unfortunately, with so many people living longer, their chances of developing a chronic health condition increases. There’s simply more time for conditions to develop. Aging baby boomers will have to contend with plenty of doctor and hospital visits over the next few decades.

Figuring out how to reach these people in a meaningful way is paramount to many healthcare marketers’ success.

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More people than ever are researching health issues–and making buying decisions based on that research–online. This goes for typical hospital patients, to medical professionals and sophisticated corporate clients.

Savvy healthcare marketers have recognized the need to adapt their approach. But, as more of them go digital in response to customer demands, many overlook a key element: landing pages.

What are landing pages? Why do they matter? And most importantly, how can you make them work for you?

Keep reading to find out!

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Great news: we’re extremely pleased to announce that we were named as a finalist for the MM&M Awards! You can read more about the details in our press release here.

This finalist selection resulted from the work we did on the website for one of our clients, ClearFlow. ClearFlow, a California-based medical device manufacturer, was able to triple their revenue within the first year their website went live. The second year brought even more impressive results: a five-fold increase in revenue!

But the purpose of today’s post isn’t to brag. What really captured our interest was trying to figure out what exactly made the ClearFlow website so effective–and how you could break down those elements and apply them yourself.

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Digital tools have the potential to transform your healthcare marketing. But making them a key part of your strategy can seem easier said than done. Everything seems so new, and constantly changing.

Paying attention to the organizations who are already use digital tools well can save you months (or even years) of frustration and mistakes. The sooner you navigate the digital “learning curve,” the sooner you can unleash your marketing’s fullest potential!

Of everyone marketing healthcare online, Northwestern Medicine is one of the very best. Let’s break down what they’re doing that makes their digital presence so special.

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