One Ad, One Heart At A Time

Every four years the world joins together on the “pitch” for the World Cup. Countries big and small come together to cheer with and against each other. For us, being the marketers that we are, we gather around the TV and focus on the ads. Along with the good games, the ads have been a treat this year.

Good ads, really good ads, manage to create a deep emotional connection between the audience and the brand. Several from the obvious athletic powerhouses do that really well – Gatorade, Nike, ESPN, Adidas. They all harness the energy and excitement of the biggest sporting event around the world (watched in the billions!) and deliver ads that are smart, dynamic and full of heart – the heart of the players, the heart of the coaches and the heart of the fans. Well done athletic brands!

Yet there is one ad that filled our hearts like no other – surprising standout McDonald’s. Instead of focusing on the top-notch world athletes, McDonald’s brings us ordinary people from around the world whose skills with the ball are just as extraordinary as the pros themselves. We watch and then we want to watch again because it puts a smile on our faces.

Is there a lesson in all this for the healthcare marketer? Absolutely! The answer is simple…if you want to touch your audience, speak to their heart! In healthcare we often get lost in the numbers, the technology, the statistics. Yes, those are important. They make your product possible. They help you win an FDA approval and support your claims. But don’t forget that clinicians are people too. They love, they fear, they laugh. Put a smile on their faces and they will surely remember you.

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