Running High on Gold and Glitter

As marketers, we all aspire to have a brand that leaves a mark on our audience – one that lingers in the subconscious and imagination of our customers, one that ultimately inspires them to take action.

As we review this year’s assortment of holiday ads, one stands out as a wonderful example of a brand aiming to reach its customers through the power of storytelling – Burberry’s From London with Love. This short film is the launching platform of a holiday campaign – a beautifully choreographed story of a young couple falling in love amongst the glitz and glitter of the golden age of cinematic musicals. It stars 12-year-old Romeo Beckham as the cupid who brings the gift of love (and gold glitter) to the holiday season. The film artfully leans on Burberry’s heritage by using their signature plaid, trench coats and cashmere scarfs. According to Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer, it’s about  “celebrating, engaging… and joining the dots through storytelling”.  From London with Love is a four minute musical fairytale that keeps a smile on our lips long after we’ve closed the browser. Well done, Burberry!blog-pq-cocchanel

The hard work seems to have paid off. Since its Nov. 3 debut, the ad has sprinkled gold glitter in the minds of more than 8 million YouTube viewers. Alongside the film, Burberry launched a worldwide print campaign complete with outdoor ads, interactive billboards and in-store displays. There is also a large social media campaign covering everything from an Instagram photo series to an “In Tweet Purchasing” program on

What does all this mean to us in healthcare marketing? You don’t need to have a beautifully choreographed campaign complete with a smooth dancing Beckham to build an emotional connection to your healthcare brand. Sure lifestyle brands and healthcare brands have different aspirations, but the idea of touching through the power of love can be common to both. The glittery Burberry ad gives nod to the implication that their gift of love can be purchased with credit cards and wrapped in a box. Healthcare’s gift of love is all about humanity. It’s offering hope. It’s providing a better life to those in need. And it’s an everyday thing, not just for the holiday season.

Always look to uncover your own brand’s aspirational story, your own gold glitter. Bloom would love to be a part of your journey into the hearts and minds of your customers.

Happy golden holidays from all of us at Bloom!

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