Stand Out From The Crowd Using Video Marketing

You’re all too aware of the biggest challenges in healthcare marketing today. In a world of ever-increasing competition and unprecedented customer expectations, how can you stand out?

Digital marketing strategies help. But video marketing can take them to the next level. If you’re tired of blending in with the pack and eager to find new ways to get your message out, keep reading.

Video Is Changing the Way People do Business

In an environment full of regulations, professionalism, and a standard way of doing things, standing out in the healthcare field can be tough. But it’s more important now than ever, thanks to the vast majority of people using the internet to get more proactive about their health.

Video humanizes your marketing and helps you stand out. In a matter of seconds, you can convey your message in a compelling way while expressing your unique personality. That’s a recipe for more attention, traffic, and ultimately, customers.

Online video is a world-wide phenomenon and it’s only getting more popular with time. Here are just a few eye-popping stats that reveal just how valuable it could be for your healthcare brand:

  • Internet video already makes up over 60 percent of all internet traffic. This number is projected to rise to 80 percent by 2019.
  • 75 percent of high-level executives watch videos for business at least once a week. Most of them actually prefer video to text when both are available.
  • Over 72 percent of U.S. adults have looked for health information online within the past year.

Whether you’re marketing to patients or the clinicians, administrators, or insurers who serve them, there’s no better time than today to tap into video’s incredible potential!

How to Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy

There are huge opportunities for you to start using video now to make a long-term impact.


You’re only limited by your imagination. Here are some of the most compelling ways successful healthcare brands are already using video–complete with real-life examples:

1. Staff Introductions and Virtual Tours

Digital marketing has a ton of advantages, but there’s something to be said about a personal touch.

Persuading someone to book their first appointment with a doctor (or convincing a hospital administrator to order your medical device) without any personal connection is tough. Video gives you a powerful way to overcome sterile marketing and restore that human touch.

One of the best ways to use video is to introduce staff members or guide viewers through a virtual tour of your facility. This gives viewers a better idea of whom they’re dealing with and what to expect beforehand. Concerns are eased. Questions are answered. It’s a recipe for a better customer experience.

Patients and their providers aren’t just interested in a quick solution to problems. They also want to know they’re investing in the right relationships. Video lets you pull the curtain back on digital anonymity and show viewers the people behind the operation.

This excellent video from the Cleveland Clinic, which CEO Toby Cosgrove shared with the rest of his staff before posting online, does just that:

2. Offer Health Tips, Prevention Strategies, and Other Valuable Information

Effective content marketing hinges on offering ongoing value. This can come in the form of blog posts, email newsletters, podcasts, and even videos.

Many potential customers would engage with your content if it were presented differently. While they might lose interest reading a long blog post, it’s effortless to hit the “play” button, sit back, and watch a video.

Video is a great avenue to offer everyday health tips, diet and nutrition advice, and other key information to prevent serious health problems. It’s easy for tired, busy people to digest. And it works well when you need to break down complex topics.

If you have certain pieces of content that are already attracting a lot of traffic, you can supercharge the process by adding a related video. Then you can cross-promote different platforms and draw viewers back to your website to build the relationship.

Here’s a health tip video from the Mayo Clinic giving tips about how to buy healthier foods at the grocery store:

3. Demo New Products and Procedures

When you’re marketing healthcare, things can get complicated fast. Sometimes it’s tough to explain your latest revolutionary device or procedure–even if you’re talking to an experienced clinician.

Reading and looking at diagrams is better than nothing, but it can still leave people with questions. Showcasing your product or service in a video, on the other hand, lets you convey this visually. Instead of trying to struggle through a pamphlet and piece together how something works, your audience can sit back and watch it in action.

Visual demonstrations are powerful, whether you’re assuring a potential patient before an operation or a doctor considering a new medical device. Putting them online is even better because it allows your audience to pause, rewind, and replay as needed–until they understand exactly what you mean.

Here’s a video from Sensoria Fitness Socks, a wearable device used to gather biometric data from the feet for a better running experience:

4. Customer Testimonials

In sheer marketing power, nothing beats the endorsement of a satisfied customer. There’s a good reason why world-renown brands like MD Anderson feature patient experiences as a major part of their marketing strategy.

Written testimonials are great, but video testimonials are even better. Viewers get to “meet” the person on the other side of the camera. As the customer shares their experience, viewers can bond with them and feel the emotions they felt. They can see the true, human impact of your product or service.

Video testimonials are natural outlets for customers to tell their stories. As former customers describe how they overcame their problems, they give hope to viewers that finding a solution is possible.

Here’s a compelling testimonial from a Baylor Scott & White Health patient describing her successful hip replacement:

Delivering a Customer-First Experience

Today’s healthcare customers demand more. They’re using the internet to get proactive about research, exploring their options, and finding the best fit. It’s up to us as marketers to meet those expectations.

Video marketing will help. It offers access to broader audiences, different platforms, and a new way to connect with people. Most importantly, it can empower you to separate yourself from all your competitors–to humanize your marketing and build authentic relationships.


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