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Yes, you read that right….we said Pepsi!

It might seem strange that we’re talking about something as unhealthy as soda on a healthcare marketing blog. But there’s a lot to be learned from Pepsi’s summer ad campaigns.

What are they doing differently this time around?

And how can you use their innovative new strategies to promote health and build a brighter future?

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What goes well with James Bond?

Tuxes and martinis, sure. But we can’t forget about the signature Aston Martin!

Ever since Sean Connery drove one in Goldfinger, it’s become the “bad boy’s” super car of choice.

That’s about to change…

Aston Martin just revealed a bold new strategy that will shake up their business to its very core.

Keep reading to see how they’ll attract more female customers and breathe life into the brand…and key takeaways you can apply in the world of healthcare marketing.

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How long do you think Apple has been providing customer support through social media?

Five years?


Try two months.

Unlike practically every other large tech company around, Apple has been reluctant to expand into the social media world.

Now that they’ve finally made the leap, the way they run their customer support Twitter account has plenty of key takeaways you can apply in your healthcare business – even with only a fraction of Apple’s brand recognition and marketing budget.

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If you’re tired of fighting to persuade someone to invest in your healthcare brand, why not just start telling stories?

Some of the world’s most influential companies, like Land Rover, have invested heavily to do just that!

These marketers have recognized that the people they’re trying to serve are busier, more stressed out, and more distracted than ever before. And with tablets and smartphones at their fingertips, there are a zillion other ways they could occupy their time…besides paying attention to marketing pitches.

What’s a savvy healthcare marketer to do?

Stop worrying about “marketing” and start focusing on storytelling instead. Keep reading to find out how.

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With an army of medical professionals and a network of facilities that span the country, it’s no surprise that US News & World Report ranks the MD Anderson Center the best cancer care center in the United States.

All of that’s impressive, sure…

But the most impressive part?

The way they handle online marketing.

It’s great to see a large organization such as MD Anderson put human connection at the center of their marketing strategy.

How do they do it? What key takeaways can you bring back to your own business?

Keep reading to find out!

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The South by Southwest (SXSW) festival – where the tech, music, and film worlds collide – just celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. It’s the perfect place for marketers to network and “beta test” new strategies… foreshadowing how brand and consumer interactions will change. 

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